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Center for Continuing Education  National Cheng Kung University


We are in charge of:

  1. Publicizing amendments made to extension education-related laws and regulations. Holding committee meetings for extension education committee members.
  2. Evaluating extensional education proposals raised by all institutions and holding evaluation meetings for extension education programs.
  3. Executing extensional education programs commissioned by government offices or enterprises. 4. Managing and maintaining student data of continuing education programs, as well as the filing and correcting of students' grades.
  4. Issuance and reissuance of students' transcripts, credit certificates, completion certificates, etc.

Vision, missions, and our core values:

Vision: Providing ways and means for people to access to education and allowing people to cultivate their talents. 


Building the extensional education center of NCKU into a life-long study center for lifelong learning of high-ranking talents for the purposes of providing the public with cutting-edge knowledge, cultivating skills in culture, art, and professional expertise.   

Cultivating leadership, expertise, ethics and humanity and broaden international perspectives.  Making the talents we cultivate the top choices of all businesses and organizations.

Fulfilling the vision of providing ways and means for people to access to education and allowing people to cultivate their talents. 

Core Values:

Caring for the society / Making contribution to Taiwan / Bringing welfare to human society

Our training policies: 

  1. Cultivating second talents in NCKU faculty and students as well as the citizens.
  2. Realizing the goal of "Adult Education.Lifelong Learning".

III. Fostering collaboration with enterprises to increase training classes offered and employment rate.

  1. Business diversification strategies.

Related Regulations:  (Files can be downloaded here)

Contact Information:

Add.: No. 1 Da-Shueh Road, Tainan City (on the 2F of the West Wing of Yun-Pin Building) 

Fax: 06-2766465

Telephone: 06-2757575 ext. 51000

Office email: em51000@email.ncku.edu.tw