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Vision, Mission and Core Values


To educate with principle, and to encourage everyone’s greatest potential. 


To build up Center for Continuing Education of NCKU as a field of training and lifelong learning for high-level talents,

To raise public’s knowledge, culture, art, and professional skills, and cultivate their leadership, professional competence, ethics, humanistic qualities, creativity and global perspectives, eventually, the Center becomes the first choice of every company and organization for talent cultivation.

Then achieving the vision of “To educate with principle, and to encourage everyone’s greatest potential. ”

Core Values

Caring for the society / Making contribution to Taiwan / Bringing welfare to human society

Training Policies

  1. To empower a second professional ability to our students, faculty, and citizens.
  2. To realize the purpose of“ Adult Education, Lifelong Learning. ”
  3. To promote the alliance with companies, to raise the courses number and employment rate.
  4. Diverse management strategies.
  5. Promote foreign language courses.